Protect from Germs

Concerned about personal hygiene while using Toilet? – Use Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer


Use this easy to carry & travel friendly toilet sanitizer to maintain your hygiene anywhere and everywhere. This unique toilet sanitizer contains ISO-Propyl Alcohol – a highly effective sanitizing agent and Benzalkonium Chloride – an efficient anti-bacterial / disinfectant & sanitizing agent. Hyge is best way to use public toilets conveniently!!


Hyge can be used in Public Toilets / Airports / Malls / Trains & Hospitals, etc. It can be used on toilet seats, door handles, faucets, flush handles & taps, etc. to make them germ free.

How to use Hyge Toilet seat Sanitizer?

Just shake the bottle before spraying on toilet seats and other areas, wait for not more than five seconds. It evaporates instantly making the toilet seat ready to be used with no residuals left. For instant germ free toilets use Hyge toilet spray regularly while using toilets.

Shake and Spray



Where to use Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer?

Features of hyge toilet seat sanitizer spray

Hyge is a quick action sanitizer spray

It takes as less as five seconds to evaporate & dry

Hyge creates 99.9 % germ free zone

It leaves no residuals on the spread area



Parul Singh

My husband’s business always let us throw many parties in our home. Due to this I used to have a hard time in cleaning the mess specially the Toilet Seats. Then, a friend of mine told about Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer. Till then, I no longer worry about cleanliness and hygiene of my Toilet.

Parul Singh
Trainer, Infoedge


Being a Fashion Blogger, I am quite sensitive to hygiene and cleanliness. I love to have people over and as a result my toilets do not remain quite clean. So, I use Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer to spray all over the seat to make it clean and germ free.

Fashion Blogger