Public toilets are the most terrible thing in India. Outside your home, you don’t have any other option but to use you them during an uncomfortable situation. In our country, it’s a challenge to find a clean public toilet, and that makes them a party house for microorganisms such as bacteria and flatworms. Even the most spotless restrooms are highly prone to infections.

Here are some preventive measures that you must do while using public toilets.

  • Don’t use the toilet without tissue rolls
  • Use toilet seat sanitizer before using the toilet seats
  • Use tissue rolls instead of bare hands to press the flush
  • Wash your hands properly by liquid soaps
  • Use tissues if the tap is not automatic
  • Always dry your hands by using a dryer if present
  • Use tissues to open or close the toilet doors
  • Last but best the option is to use a sanitizer to prevent germs

Toilet seat sanitizer sprays are the best options to stay safe from the germs present on the public toilet seats. They are portable and easily adjusts in your purse, bag or pocket.

Recommended by doctors Hyge spray kills 99.9 % germs and safe to use daily at multiple places.

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