We daily come across some of the common words such as cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising the toilets. However, huge difference lies in their meaning when we talk about hygiene. Therefore, it is better to understand their purpose and to use a proper procedure to make your toilet germ free. Here, we will try to understand it, so it is advised you to keep reading.


In simple words; cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances. Disinfecting is the way to kill germs and sanitising reduces the number of microbes to a safer level. Most of the time people are only cleaning their toilets but not disinfecting or sanitising them. Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the the best way to sanitize the toilets but it is very important to understand that does your toilet sanitizer also disinfects and kills the germs? It is important to dig deep into the surface and kill every germ to have a better health.


Toilets seats in your house are the most common pathways for germs to enter in your body. Thus, it becomes essential to kill toilet born bacteria before using them. These germs can travel approx 6 feet, so it gives them a large area to hide such as floor ceiling and sink and can survive up to 2 hours. We give bacteria a higher chance to replicate when we wash our toilet seats by water.

Even a cleaner looking toilet may have thousands of harmful germs and microbes, which can cause deadly diseases and infections, both in females and males. Unhygienic conditions gives birth to thousands of microbes and bacteria causing many toilet borne diseases.  To avoid any kind of infection or diseases while using toilets, toilet seat sanitizers are very effective


If your wish is to use hygienic toilets, then it is better to sanitise it. HYGE TOILET SEAT SANITIZER SPRAY is the best option for you and kills 99.9% of germs and makes your restrooms safe.

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